Bachelor of Science in Technical Informatics (B. Sc.)

Du möchtest die Zusammenwirkung der Kenntnisse aus der Elektrotechnik und Informatik an der Schnittstelle zwischen Softwaresystemen und Hardwareplattformen verstehen und analysieren können?

6 semesters

Courses 4 week days
5th day and semester holidays: on-the-job training

Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen Lippe (Lemgo)

Entrance qualification for advanced technical college or university, or similar recognised qualification

  • Classic basic knowledge: Mathematics, electronics for IT specialists, computer organization and operating systems, programming languages, software design, technical English, data security, data bases, real-time data processing amongst other things.
  • In-depth study: Physics, software quality management, software lifecycle management, control technology, image processing, coding methods, mobile systems, programming, management skills, business studies amongst other things.
  • 6th semester: Bachelor dissertation and presentation/defence

Systematic processing of complex projects, flexible application in different fields of activity: 

  • Technical development and documentation
  • construction
  • project planning
  • product qualification
  • quality management
  • sales