The new start-up assistant for the servo-controller COMBIVERT S6

KEB COMBIVIS 6 is the free “software tool“ for the start-up of the drive Controller COMBIVERT.

Simplified and reliable commissioning is the task which is supported by the new COMBIVIS Version with the start-up assistant for all COMBIVERT S6, F6, H6 and P6.

The first step is to contact the drive controller – on the new start screen direct functions are available, including a command for searching the PC interfaces or the manual adjustment of communication data.

Once the connection to the drive controller stands, the new assistant starts immediately and leads the user step by step through the commissioning of asynchronous as well as synchronous motors.

The nice thing is: All settings in the new COMBIVIS 6 assistant are done step by step directly in clear-text without the otherwise necessary detailed knowledge of parameters and standards.            

The result: The motor is “made to rotate” within a very short time.

The allocation of the controller to the motor or rather the presetting of motor data for the series DL2, DL3 and TA are stored in the KEB motor database and can be retrieved and activated by entering the article number

For other motors input fields for the necessary name plate data are provided. An optimization of the controller-settings is automatically performed with the start of the electrical identification. Established data can be stored for later use in the user database. 

After the start-up of the motors a test run can be made without external control of the drive controller. Similar to the drive profiles according to CiA 402 speed or positioning profiles are possible.

The following screen-shots give you some impression of the new dialogue in the operator interface: