The new C6 Industrial PC series

KEB presents a new generation of IPCs that provide additional opportunities with its advanced computing power towards motion control and human-machine interface.

The new IPC generation is named C6 E22 and C6 P30 is based on the latest fan-less Intel Multi-Core architecture. The new memory concept separates application layer from system software.

User will receive these new IPC series as panel and box version; all of them developed with the same concept and with galvanically isolated power supply.

The new panel IPC series provide resistive or capacitive touch technology, which offers the user – in combination with the KEB HMI-solution – an up-to-date and efficient approach for the human machine interface.

The new display sizes from 12.1“ up to 24“ (widescreen) increase the range of LED-back-lighted LCD-TFTs.

In addition to the standard interface USB 2.0 for the user the faster USB 3.0 is available. The possibility to use up to 3 Ethernet Giga-ports allows the user the creation of safe and redundant automation systems via EtherCAT field bus communication. Additional field busses for communication with devices from third parties can be implemented easily via PCI/PCIe, the quantity depends on CPU type.

The KEB IPCs are realized with a real industrial concept. In addition to robustness this philosophy will pay for the KEB user in form of longevity.

The standard system software will be Windows Embedded Standard 7E (7 Pro / Ultimate 32 / 64bit for capacitive technology). Based on this system all scalable KEB software functionalities will be available.

The KEB user can choose a tailor-made product, which fits to his application in regard to Motion Control and/or Human Machine Interface; everything separately or in combination.

Whatever the user desires for handling; it is possible via local connection or, thanks to KEB remote maintenance software, via remote connection. This is a safe and cryptographically secured application for VPN, remote desktop und file transfers.

The standard IPC set-up will guarantee a high degree of security. Furthermore a new file system concept will be introduced which is especially designed for Embedded devices where power losses can occur. This new software technology has the target to protect critical system and user data against corruption.

The KEB user will appreciate the speed of the file and register and directory access which has been improved by several scales whereas the file data integrity and complete Meta data will be kept.