Turning know-how into success: The KEB NOA digital ecosystem

Use scalable Industrial IoT capabilities

The Network of Automation, KEB NOA in short, is a scalable digital ecosystem with Industrial IoT capabilities that connects machines, people and processes directly on one platform in a unique way. It not only improves production and service processes, but also creates complete transparency over existing machine and process data. Unplanned downtime, inefficient maintenance or operation belong to the past. The path to true digital service offerings is opened.

From July 2021, KEB NOA will deliver data via the IIoT connection to a cloud, where it will be structured, analyzed and combined with existing knowledge. Intelligent algorithms, machine learning and AI enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, for example. Sophisticated Big Data analysis functions detect unwanted trends or problems, and countermeasures are taken based on expert knowledge. Service, production, quality and development benefit from these findings. KEB NOA enables easier collaboration with partners and new business models for closer customer ties and motivated employees.