Open tools for high-end CNC solutions

For the creation of a complete CNC solution, coordinated hardware and software components are essential. In order to be able to use high-end functionalities for the control of machines, plants and robots, KEB Automation extends its packages by a high-end solution for CNC based automation.

In addition to the entry-level solution for CNC applications, KEB now also offers high-end functions for applications such as milling, drilling, cutting, grinding, bending and associated handling systems. The integrated ISG-CNC core with extensive features for CNC, robotics and motion control is characterized - in addition to its extensive functionality - by outstanding path and speed planning as well as the architecture model on which the software is based.

Automation without loss

For the implementation of high-end applications, the CNC core was implemented on real-time IPC controllers. Via the automation tool COMBIVIS studio 6, the user can comfortably set up the CNC core. The focus here is on the expandability of the system. KEB enables CNC machine manufacturers to automate their machine technologies with open tools based on standards without, for example, losing multi-channel capability and compensation. Machine functions can thus be easily extended as required via IEC 61131.

The entry-level solution represents an economical basic solution for selected applications with the integrated KEB CNC core. The user has at his disposal a CNC library according to IEC standard, which can be extended relatively easily by machine-specific functions and special features. The CNC core offers a large number of interfaces that provide access to all information and enable customer-specific operation of the machine.