One machine for 200 - 400 V AC connection

Overall concept for the automation of an Inject Star pickling machine

Injectors allow the smooth pickling of meat, poultry and fish by injecting brines to refine the taste.
The task is to ensure that the needles, driven by a crank mechanism, are injected into the medium at a constant speed and to synchronise the feed to the injectors.

In addition, the number of switch cabinet versions is to be reduced, irrespective of the supply voltage at the customer. 3AC 400V or 3AC 200V.

The overall control of the machine is carried out by a customer HMI with integrated PLC and the necessary I / O's. This control is connected via Modbus with a KEB C6 Compact 2, which activates the KEB Combivert S6 using EtherCat. 

The C6 Compact 2 takes over the control of the crankshaft drive, synchronization with the feed, as well as the control of the lake pump. Two KEB geared motors are used as drives for crankshaft drive and feed.

System Overview