New Functions in COMBIVIS 6 / COMBIVIS studio6

Software Engineering

In the new version 6.4.0, the automation tool KEB COMBIVIS 6 / studio 6 offers the complete configuration of the KEB safety control C6 Safety PLC and the possible safety functions for the first time in addition to extended properties in the start-up wizard and optimization in handling.

In the centralized software area COMBIVIS all jobs of startup, analysis parametrization and programming of control- and drive technology are in the central software environment COMBIVIS, all tasks of startup, analysis, parameterization and programming of control and drive technology are comprehensively and consistently processed in a tool for the portfolio of KEB Automation.

The cogging function in COMBIVERT S6 and F6 drive controller compensates the permanent magnet depending unequal speed by means of torque pre-controlling. An identification run in COMBIVIS 6 records the motor characteristic and the new cogging startup wizard supports the user in a simplified way to adjust the optimal curve which is stored for operation in the drive controller.

All adjustments of the new KEB safety control C6 Safety PLC and the safe inputs and outputs in the KEB C6 Safety I/O module for the safety application must be done by a safe programming tool. The basis is allocated by the certified CODESYS Safety programming environment, which is comfortable integrated into the COMBIVIS studio6 software environment.

The parameterization of the KEB Drives together with the integrated safety functions as well as the complete machine or system automation in a C6 control system and the integrated C6 Safety PLC can be executed from a single user interface. As in the normal programming environment, certified function blocks prepared according to PLC-Open Safety as well as standardized logic elements are also available for the safe part of the automation Environment.

Prepared blocks are available for automated parameterization of the drive safety modules.