the name of the next machine generation automation

With its new IPC Generation C6 E22 KEB brings a brand new automation system onto the market, combining a wide range of functions, extensive flexibility and high availability. This development transforms current market specifications for performance, functionality and price and raises automation of machines and installations to the next level.

With flexible hardware, the series offers variants in panel-, box- and book mount-design as a fan-less system. COMBICONTROL C6 E22 supports resistive or capacitive touch technologies in the operating level and offers displays in the size range 10.1" to 24" in conventional or widescreen format.
Particular features in automation systems include a micro-USV and an extra memory to protect non-volatile data. In the standard model with EtherCAT Master the C6 E22 performs conventional SPS and synchronous motion control tasks.

The integrated COMBIVIS HMI display offers the possibility of further enhancing automation functionality.
Flexibility and connectivity as well also permit use of the COMBIVIS connect remote maintenance functionality that is likewise integrated. This enables worldwide access with no additional hardware right down to drive level.     

The IPC hardware industrial package combines KEB with software used at industrial level to offer a complete system. 

Consistent with other KEB control systems, C6 E22 has two physically separate memories; one specially protected on the software side for the operating system and the runtime components of the KEB automation platform. The other memory contains customer data such as the control and/or visualisation project, as well as other program data or other customer data relating to automation. This externally accessible memory enables transfer of automation tasks to another control system if required.

Extensive features in the programming environment support users in the use of this control system adjusted for "industrial real-time".