KUKA and KEB with Safe Communication

How does this work in practice?

Industrie 4.0 combines production with ultramodern information and automation technology. This is based on intelligent, digitally linked systems which connect machinery and plant. KUKA and KEB Automation now show how this works in practice.

In this field, KEB Automation is offering a new solution for implementing connectivity to KUKA robots with various applications. With the C6 HMI LC, KEB now offers the possibility of both exchanging data and also controlling and programming the KUKA robot. The KEB system combines display by means of HMI and control – a PLC – in one machine. This simplifies the complexity of the system and reduces costs. EtherCAT, as a powerful fieldbus, also facilitates connection to the robot.

Working from individual customer requirements, KEB offers several solutions for implementing widely varying applications:

By means of the C6 HMI LC, the user is able to display information – such as the current position of the robot – via a corresponding display concept and exchange data between the robot and the HMI.

The function module library "mxAutomation" from KUKA, which is based on PLC open standards, allows programming, diagnosis or manual running of the KUKA robot via FB modules of the PLC. The library introduces almost all programming commands of KUKA language into the PLC. Motion control of the axes is then performed by the robot itself.

In addition, the KEB solutions offer the possibility of integrating safety control in the system. The C6 Safety PLC uses "Safety-over-EtherCAT" as a secure fieldbus protocol for data transmission and communication with the robot, whereby safety functions can be implemented via the robot.