Good things come in extra small packages

With machines becoming increasingly compact in size, the drive solutions they require are having to follow suit. Fortunately, the rule of thumb at KEB is to make ‘tried-and-tested additions’ with a brand new size in its range of motors.

In combination with the COMBIVERT S6 servo controllers, the KEB portfolio had previously offered servo motors in three series ranging from 55 to 190 millimetres. The new motors in the 40 mm DL3 series feature rated torques of 0.2 to 0.5 newton metres, each with a rated speed of 8000 revolutions per minute. These functional, perfectly coordinated system solutions prove their worth day in, day out when it comes to executing particularly dynamic movements.


230 volts

Specially designed for use in 230-volt networks, the combination of the complete servo axis is made up of the single-phase S6 servo actuator, available for 230 volts up to 1.5 kilowatts, or alternatively the three-phase S6 drives for the wide voltage range of 200 to 280 V AC.

In addition to the robust resolver (with certified safe attachment to make it safety ready), the Hiperface single-turn or multi-turn options are also available for position feedback of the motor depending on requirements. The system is rounded off with high-performance permanent magnet holding brakes and ready-to-connect motor and encoder cables measuring up to 50 metres in length.

Network performance

The COMBIVIS 6 service tool supports the practical aspects of the module configuration. With just a few clicks, the motor, servo actuator and cables can be displayed in either graph or table format. What’s more, the software manages the entire machine project and provides all of the technical documents for design, installation and commissioning in this regard.