Fast route to the system – the KEB Configurator

Drive automation symbolizes the development from component to system solution. Starting from the electrical or mechanical requirements of a machine, the latest version of the KEB COMBIVIS 6 software tool simplifies selection and system creation from the user interface through to the gearbox shaft.

Starting with the hardware for display, then the SPS/Motion/CNC control through to the drive controller with motor/gear motor, the tool supports system selection and composition.

Assistance-led available assemblies and interaction of these are combined intuitively in the graphics user interface.

The KEB Configurator offers a feature in the free KEB COMBIVIS 6 start-up and selection software. 

As well as graphics editing, the KEB Configurator enables selection of required properties with data tables with filter searches, or alternatively with direct selection from product lists.

For selecting basic components, all connecting elements such as motor, transducer or fieldbus cables can be accessed by one click of the mouse. The Configurator provides a clear view of the options available for every equipment interface. 

Constant updating:

The software has an automatic update function that constantly updates the database of assemblies and documents running in the background.

KEB Configurator also offers incorporation of freely definable generic elements in the data tables.

You can find the current software download here.