Fail-safe brakes COMBISTOP

Fail-safe brakes are considered indispensable for positioning – as well as holding brakes such as from servo motors – and from medical technology.

The demands on servo motors, in particular for dynamics and compactness, are constantly rising; they represent a much-discussed subject. Depending on the application, either strictly holding – or new working brakes – are required.

Contrary to previous opinion, spring-applied brakes continue to be in demand as safety components for engine manufacturers. The fail-safe brakes are therefore required to withstand high dynamic loads over their lifetime. The issue of torsional backlash is becoming increasingly less significant due to the use of absolute encoders.

In addition to the output density and size advantages of COMBIPERM permanent magnet brakes, the KEB, a product from the proven COMBISTOP series, also offers spring-force solutions for safety-related and dynamic applications. Friction pairings with organic coatings provide options for minimising dynamic stress. Compared to steel, friction wear is minimal and the braking power is higher.

Ultimately, the user decides on the variation to be used. The user has the option of using either the KEB COMBIPERM permanent magnet brakes or the KEB COMBISTSOP spring-applied brakes, depending on the features required.

In general, it is possible to incorporate customer-specific adaptations to develop a precisely tailored solution for the respective applications.