Energy Efficiency in the wastewater treatment sector

Triple customer benefit

The Robuschi ROBOX compressor offers energy savings of up to 30 percent. The compressor, which is ideal for energy-intensive water treatment, has a threefold advantage based on the technical progress realized in KEB products.

With the intelligent construction of system components, the Robuschi design team has brought a product to market, capable of lowering a site’s cost of ownership whilst also reducing carbon emissions significantly.

Cost Reduction through Smart Process Control

Robuschis smart process control tool, based on KEBs HMI interface, optimises airflow and is essential in achieving the energy savings to reduce life cycle costs. The expert engineers of Robuschi, a Parma-based division of Gardner Denver (Gardner Denver Srl – Divisione Robuschi), analyse the different applications in the wastewater plant. By using Smart Process Control they can assist the customer in setting up the compressors to provide the right amount of air needed at different steps of a process. KEBs C6 HMI offers many advantages to the customer, including the trend function, datalogger, alarm handling, recipes and script editor - all in one unit with a high IP protection degree.

With its compact layout that reduces the space requirements by 30 percents, the ROBOX has been designed to fit into even the most challenging conditions. 

Right Technology: old solution vs. new solution

Typically wastewater plants use rotary lobe, turbo and screw technology equipment for their vacuum and pressure applications. Robuschi, developed an enhanced screw compressor with a permanent magnet motor because of its superior flexibility. The maximum output of the internal compression in the patented combination of the RSW core compressor with a permanent magnet motor directly fitted onto the conductor shaft, prevents any potential loss of power coming from the belt drive.

Thanks to the combination of the permanent magnetic motor and the integrated KEB Drive Controller it is able to perform at high efficiency even when operating at lower speeds. The KEB SCL (sensorless control) technology and the efficiency of the KEB F5 Inverter have achieved an excellent result with the PM motors so that the motor can reach an efficiency level which surpasses the IE4 standard.

Smart and Flexible

The ROBOX energy screw compressor is equipped with the latest generation of “touch screen” control panel (HMI). It is user-friendly with an intuitive menu, easy to program thanks to the well-known Windows CE system and can be remotely connected via KEB CONNECT. Parameter control is straightforward through an Ethernet cable or via the web, which makes it possible to continuously monitor machine operation from anywhere. Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance additionally help to reduce downtime.

Thanks to the kind collaboration of Mrs. Cristina Cavazzini, company Robuschi