Complete solutions with safety in the system

How is machine safety achieved? In the past, this question was answered by additional architecture specifically for the safety concerns of an application.

With the new solution for functional safety technology, KEB Automation now also provides the foundation for highly integrated machine safety – saving the machine constructor space, time and money – and so offers new possibilities in implementation.

The concept is implemented by the C6 SAFETY PLC including FSoE Master, and safe inputs and outputs in the KEB-I/O system as C6 SAFETY I/O for decentralised installations.

In addition, KEB Generation 6 drives offer scalable safety functions directly in the drive controller. KEB COMBIVERT S6-A and F6-A are servo systems up to 5.5 kW and universal drive controllers for power levels up to 90 kW which offer extensive safety functions in the new "Application" version with Safety Module 3 (SM3).

The turnkey solution is completed with the extension for safety functions in the COMBIVIS Studio 6 engineering tool, which allows the complete planning of systems including safety-oriented components.
Complete integration of safety functionality in the tool means that a software environment combines parameterisation and programming of conventional, i.e. non-safety-oriented, and safety-oriented parameters, programs and functions. This complete solution allows freely programmable development for applications with safety standards IEC 61508 SIL3 and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 PLe. Function-specific wizards provide further assistance with the work.

KEB's safety solution considers the complete system and is based on established technologies, and integrates seamlessly into the working environment. Thanks to the complete solution approach, it offers a better overview with easier fault location and fault diagnosis with the highest safety standards. So even complex functions can be implemented easily.