2015: KEB RNE System has received

CEI 0-21 V2:2013-12 certification.

To feed electricity into the Italian low-voltage grid with a maximum output of 100 kW, the systems must be certified according to CEI 0-21. This certification includes all types of energy generation such as PV, batteries, wind or hydro-electric power. The KEB RNE System is available in five power levels ranging from 11 to 80 kVA, and converts DC voltage generated from an energy source into AC voltage for the electricity grid. The KEB RNE System has already been successfully tested in wind and hydro-electric plants with outputs ranging from 23 to 80 kVA.

The KEB RNE System is available as a control cabinet or as components from our subsidiary KEB Italia in Milan. A decision in favour of components requires the use of an additional certified SPI. A list of certified components is available for viewing at ENEL.