KEB - Automation with Drive

Listening, providing competent advice and reliable help, with constant support - moving and always on the move. 

Drive technology integrated into automation - this is our philosophy and with this we aim to develop the concept of KEB as system solution provider in the core sectors further still.

with recognized high design and production depth. This will produce know-how that we can use for the benefit of our customers, together with application and sector expertise.

We cover specialist fields with dedicated solutions, currently in the following sectors

Based on cooperative partnership, our aim is to find the right solution to special requirements in machine and installation production. That is our strength, and it is what drives us every day and what we offer you. Automation with drive - that is KEB.

Trade shows

KEB Expertentreffen

Barntrup – Germany2018-09-18– 2018-09-19Südstraße 38

IAS Industrial Automation Show (CN)

Shanghai, China – China2018-09-19– 2018-09-23

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge

Hannover – Germany2018-09-20– 2018-09-27Hal 13 - Booth D02

Bogotá international trade show

Bogota – Colombia2018-09-24– 2018-09-28Pavilion 6 - Level 1 - Booth 442

WindEnergy 2018

Hamburg – Germany2018-09-25– 2018-09-28Hall B5 - Booth B5.304


Avignon – France2018-09-25– 2018-09-27

FachPack 2018

Nürnberg – Germany2018-09-25– 2018-09-27Hall 3 - Booth 3-416


Svenska Mässan i Göteborg – Sweden2018-10-09– 2018-10-11Stand B00:41

Robotics and Automation

Milton Keynes – United Kingdom2018-10-10– 2018-10-11Arena

China Windpower (CN)

Beijing (CN) – China2018-10-17– 2018-10-19


Toulouse – France2018-10-23– 2018-10-25

FMB The supplier show for mechanical Engineering

Bad Salzuflen – Germany2018-11-07– 2018-11-09Hall 20 - Booth F3

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show

Taiwan2018-11-07– 2018-11-11


Nürnberg – Germany2018-11-27– 2018-11-29Hall 4 - Booth 4-370

CODESYS on the SPS IPC DRIVES 2018 in Nuremberg

Nürnberg – Germany2018-11-27– 2018-11-29Hall 7 Booth 570


Bad Salzuflen – Germany2019-03-08– 2019-03-10Halle 20 / Stand B28

Bauma 2019

München – Germany2019-04-08– 2019-04-14Halle A5 - Stand Nr. 349/ 25

LIGNA Making more out of wood

Hannover – Germany2019-05-27– 2019-05-31


Repräsentanzleiter (m/w)

Ref. Nr. VL.VM.130-KEBa Region: Breslau, Kattowitz oder ­Krakau (PL)

Vertriebsleiter Beneluxstaaten (m/w)

Ref. Nr. VL.VM.130-KEBa Region: Eindhoven (NL)

Big Data Architect (m/w)

Ref. Nr. SE.ET.HQB-KEBa Region: KEB Headquarter - 32683 Barntrup (D)

Applikationsingenieur Control & Automation / E-Mobility (m/w)

Ref. Nr. AI.CA.HQB.KEBa Region: KEB Headquarter 32683 Barntrup (D) Ref. Nr. AI.CA.070.KEBa Region: KEB Vertriebsstandort 74076 Heilbronn (D)

Softwareentwickler (m/w)

Ref. Nr. SE.BM.HQB.KEBa Region: KEB Headquarter - 32683 Barntrup (D)

Applikationsingenieur Functional Safety (m/w)

Ref. Nr. AI.VM.HQB.KEBa Region: KEB Headquarter 32683 Barntrup (D) Region: KEB Vertriebsstandort 74076 Heilbronn (D)

Hardware-Entwickler (m/w) im Bereich elektrische Filter

Ref. Nr. HE.ET.HQB.KEBa Region: KEB Headquarter 32683 Barntrup (D)

Vertriebsingenieur im Außendienst (m/w) PLZ 90 - 92 & 95 - 96

Ref. Nr. VI.AD.070.KEB.a Region: KEB Vertriebsstandort 74076 Heilbronn (D)

Vertriebsingenieur/in Control & Automation

Ref. Nr. VI.CA.190-KEBa Region: Schweiz

Vertriebsingenieur im Außendienst (m/w)

Ref. Nr. VI.AD.060-KEBa Region: KEB Homeoffice - Vertrieb Hessen (D)

Applikationsingenieur (m/w)

Ref. Nr. AI.VM.070-KEBa Region: KEB Vertriebsstandort Heilbronn (D-74076 Heilbronn)

Senior Sales Engineer controls

Ref.Nr. VI.CA.120.KEBa Region: Belgium

Junior-Applikationstechniker (m/w)

Ref.Nr. VI.ST.160-KEBa Region: KEB Austria

Vertriebsingenieur Control & Automation (m/w)

Ref. Nr. VI.CA.070-KEBa Region: KEB Vertriebsstandort Heilbronn (D-74076 Heilbronn)